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Discipled by Jesus


Robert Gelinas

Author of Discipled by Jesus



Listener Value:


• How can Christians keep Jesus at the center of their discipleship?
• How can Christians introduce others to Jesus' discipleship?
• Why have too many Christians sidelined Jesus when it comes to their spiritual growth?
• How is Jesus still discipling people today?









    Good News for a Change



Matt Mikalatos

Author of Good News for a Change



Listener Value:


• Gaining confidence in sharing the good news of Christ with those around you
• Sharing the gospel in ways that are unique to individuals and their situations
• Finding joy and energy in helping someone experience the Good News for the first time








still booking







Jennifer Bleakley

Author of Joey



Listener Value:


• How a blind rescue horse helped others learn to see
• Ways animals can help troubled kids find their voice: the courage to speak up
• Champions of hope—how ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference
• Finding healing and restoration in the unlikeliest of places
• Leveraging our pain to help others heal









Dancing in No Man's Land



Brian Jennings

Author of Dancing in No Man's Land



Listener Value:


• Practical advice for stepping into and living within the tension of today's society, without attacking and dehumanizing those who think differently than us
• Why attacking those who think differently than us minimizes our chance to be heard
• Showing the truth to those who oppose our views and still showing love, by using stories and examples from history and Scripture









Words and Deeds



Charles Causey

Author of Words and Deeds



Listener Value:


• A clarion call for men in today’s society to use their words and deeds for a higher purpose
• Causey captures—at a very granular level—what society desperately needs from men today: integrity, courage, responsibility, and maturity
• An integrity pulse check, gauging the strength of our integrity and outlining a path toward growing in courage
• The challenges to integrity in four areas of life—relationships, stress, teamwork, and leadership
• The bold claim that there are four types of men when it comes to character. Which type are you?