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October 2017 Author Interview Opportunities

Kim Phuc

Author of Fire Road


Listener Value:


• Subject of one of the most iconic photos in history discusses how she survived mental and physical devastation
• A story of unrelenting horror, unexpected hope, and God’s faithfulness
• An inside look at the horrors of Communism in both Vietnam and Cuba
• A close look at the medical advances being made in burn treatments

Media Contact: Todd Starowitz, 630.784.5397, toddstarowitz@tyndale.com


Sally Clarkson

Author of The Lifegiving Table

Beloved bestselling author, speaker, and host of At Home with Sally Clarkson and Friends podcast with over a million downloads


Listener Value:


• Learn how to create a home where your children are happy to spend time with family and have real, engaging conversations about the things that matter
• Discover ways to cultivate authentic relationships and overcome loneliness and isolation in our fast-paced, over-scheduled society, without burning yourself out
• Get recipes and conversation starters that will nourish the body, soul, and relationships, and make family dinners the highlight of your day
• With the holiday season approaching, discuss how to implement traditions that will foster a strong family culture all year long

Media Contact: Kristen Schumacher, 630.784.5126, kristenschumacher@tyndale.com


Carol Kent

Author of He Holds My Hand


Listener Value:


• Where to find comfort in the face of a life-altering crisis
• Navigating holidays when your own family structure has dramatically changed
• How to hear God the Father speaking to you through Scripture
• Living with confidence despite painful circumstances

Media Contact: Maggie Rowe, 630.784.5333, maggierowe@tyndale.com



Jan Silvious

Author of Courage for the Unknown Season


Listener Value:


• Navigating unwelcome or challenging change with courage and intentionality
• Learning to be resilient—resilience, the ability to bounce back, is critical to well-being.
• How to pursue a “merry heart” and the physical benefits it brings in spite of major life challenges
• How to prepare well for the season of aging

Media Contact: Maggie Rowe, 630.784.5333, maggierowe@tyndale.com



Greg Holder

Author of The Genius of One—God’s Answer for Our Fractured World

Unity expert, pastor, contributor to The Voice Bible translation, and co-creator of Advent Conspiracy


Listener Value:


• Calling Christians to unity and reconciliation in a fractured world
• Holder discusses his firsthand experience bridging gaps in St. Louis after the events in Ferguson, and provides practical steps for creating unity in the church.
• How “oneness of thought” transcends differences of opinion
• How Christian leaders can begin conversations among those who are fiercely opposed

Media Contact: Alyssa Anderson, 630.784.5152, alyssaanderson@tyndale.com  



Daniel Fusco

Author of Upward, Inward, Outward—Love God | Love Yourself | Love Others

Pastor, speaker, jazz musician, and author


Listener Value:


• Why and how should we live and love in three directions?
• Contemplating life’s biggest questions like, “Who am I?” and “How should I live?”
• Understanding our identity in the light of God’s love
• Realizing that the point of living is the art of loving

Media Contact: Alyssa Anderson, 630.784.5152, alyssaanderson@tyndale.com