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How to Live a Simplified, More Sustainable Life
How to Live a Simplified, More Sustainable Life

Author Available for Interviews to Discuss Simple Living Based on Amish Principles

WHAT:  Do you find yourself staring at a screen nearly 24/7? Whether it be on a smartphone, iPad, tablet, or computer, we are constantly connected. Technology has a hold on our lives that makes us more disconnected from one another even while we’re more digitally connected.

Nancy Sleeth knows firsthand the freedom that can be found through the art of simple living. The Sleeths went from a family living off a physician’s salary to leaving that lifestyle and focusing on reducing their ecological footprint and living with less.

                                After having people ask her if she was Amish because she dried her clothes on a line, Nancy realized that maybe the Amish—who have kept simplicity, service, and faith at the center of all they say and do—might be on to something. Few of us can become Amish, but all of us can become almost Amish.

                                Nancy is available for interviews to discuss how to integrate Amish principles with a modern lifestyle as found in her new book, Almost Amish (April 2012, Tyndale House Publishers). Some suggested interview topics include:

·         Why her family decided to simplify their lives & how the choice affected them

·         10 Amish principles and how they affect the areas of home, scale, technology, finances, service, nature, security, community, family, and faith

·         Practical ways we can adopt almost Amish principles in our lives

·         The benefits of an almost Amish lifestyle

 WHO: Nancy Sleeth is the co-director of Blessed Earth, a faith-based environmental nonprofit that focuses on creation care. Following a spiritual conversion and an environmental awakening, Nancy and her family reduced their electricity use to one-tenth and their fossil fuel use to one-third the national averages. Prior to heeding this calling, Nancy served as a communications director for a Fortune 500 company and served as an educator and administrator at Asbury College. Nancy and her husband, Matthew, live in Wilmore, Kentucky. They have two children, Clark and Emma.


WHEN:            Nancy is available for interviews in April and May 2012 (and potentially beyond).

 To schedule an interview, contact Christy Stroud at christystroud@tyndale.com or 630.784.5389.