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Cardiologist Reveals Deadly Health Misconceptions, Practical Ways to Improve Your Health
Cardiologist Reveals Deadly Health Misconceptions, Practical Ways to Improve Your Health

Dr. James Marcum Shares What the Medical Profession Isn’t Telling You  

WHAT:             The medical profession isn’t telling you the whole truth about your health. Many of the diseases sending us to doctors’ offices, surgical suites, and early graves are preventable—and we don’t need to be overmedicated to cure them. Many of us are blissfully unaware of the subtle things we do that are dangerous to our health. This includes believing deceptions like:

·         Caffeine makes you think better.

·         Cow’s milk is good for you.

·         Daylight Saving Time was sold by politicians as an energy-conservation measure.

·         We have a national healthcare crisis. (80% of disease in our nation is lifestyle related)

 “Our illnesses aren’t killing us. We’re killing us. Disease is often just a symptom of a life being lived out of step with the reality of how we were designed to live.” – Dr. Jim Marcum

How then, were we designed to live? Dr. Marcum shares the answer in The Ultimate Prescription (January 2012, Tyndale House Publishers). His goal is to not ever have to see his patients again—as their doctor. Learn practical steps you can take to improve your health now and discover the true source of healing for your body, mind, and spirit. 

WHO:              Dr. James L. Marcum is a board-certified behavioral cardiologist with a thriving practice at the prestigious Chattanooga Heart Institute. USA Today’s Qforma database named him one of the nation’s most influential physicians. He and Charles Mills co-host Heartwise, a call-in radio program that airs on more than 500 radio stations around the globe. In addition to hosting the Bible Rx and Heart of Health television programs, Dr. Marcum is an in-demand speaker who specializes in boldly treading on health-care topics normally overlooked in the highly marketed and profitable field of health care. Married with two children, Dr. Marcum lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and enjoys music, sports, and outdoor activities.  

WHEN:            Dr. Marcum is available for interviews January 10-11, 2012 and on Thursday afternoons. He can be available other dates as well, but needs 2-months advance notice due to his medical and ministry responsibilities.

To schedule an interview, contact Christy Stroud at christystroud@tyndale.com or 630.784.5389.