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Fill the Holes in Your Life and Become Whole

Author, Speaker Available for Interviews to Discuss Becoming {W}hole


WHAT: We all have holes in our lives—those things we lament about ourselves. Those things we allow to define us in ways we don’t like. Those things that keep us from living the life God wants for us.

But what if you discovered that the holes in your life are really the things that will ultimately make you…well, whole? Author and communicator Lisa Whittle knows this all too well. When her world was rocked to the core in a very public way, her faith and whole reason for living were challenged like never before. In that moment, Lisa was confronted by the holes in her spiritual life. What she learned not only changed her life, but could bring great possibilities to yours. Lisa shares her story and encouragement for others in her new book, {W}hole, from Barna Books.

Lisa is available for interviews to promote {W}hole.  She can discuss many topics, including:

·         The holes in our lives found in the areas of religion, roles, and experiences

o    Ditching religion for God

o    Significance of roles and how they can create holes in our lives

·         Her honesty about inauthenticity in the church

·         Difference between our experiences in life and our story

·         Lisa’s testimony of holes in her life

o    Her dad’s story of losing his church and almost going to prison and how this created a hole in Lisa’s identity

o    How she and her husband opened and closed a church plant within 13 months and the failure that comes with that experience


WHO:              Lisa Whittle, the author of three books, is a not-your-typical-ministry-leader whose past experiences include writing for Catalyst and Women of Faith, church planting, and traveling with Compassion International. She speaks to audiences across the United States, leading the church in conversation on wholeness. Lisa is a wife and a mother of three who resides in North Carolina. Visit her online at www.LisaWhittle.com.


WHEN:            Lisa is available for interviews during October through November 2011 (and potentially beyond).


To schedule an interview, contact Christy Stroud at christystroud@tyndale.com or 630.784.5389.