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You Only Have 18 Summers with Your Children - How Will You Spend Them?
You Only Have 18 Summers with Your Children - How Will You Spend Them?
 Author, Speaker Challenges, Provides Encouragement for Parents

WHAT: “Don’t forget—you have just eighteen summers. Take time to make some memories.” These words spoken by her pastor after a child’s dedication one Sunday resonated with Michelle Cox. She was at the end of her eighteen summers with her youngest son and knew how quickly the time flew by. Even though she made an effort as a family to have fun and make memories, Cox found herself wishing she’d taken even more time to enjoy those precious fleeting moments with her sons.

Those poignant words inspired Cox to write a novel, Just 18 Summers, with author Rene Gutteridge. The book, which follows the intertwined stories of four families, will be released by Tyndale House Publishers in April.


Michelle is available for interviews to promote the release of Just 18 Summers. Suggested discussion topics include:

  • How to make the most of the eighteen summers you have with your children before they’re grown
  • Practical ways to make every moment between parents and children count
  • The cultural impact when parents aren’t actively involved with their children
  • How the breakdown of the family affects society
  • The importance of teaching character traits and life skills to our children
  • How parents can set priorities to be there for their kids
  • How to look back with memories instead of regrets
  • How to improve communication in your family
  • How scrapbooking can bring a group of women together, leading to lasting friendships
  • Ways to make the most of your summer with your children
  • How mothers can use seemingly insignificant acts to make a difference in their children and the world

WHO:   Michelle Cox is the weekly food blogger for Fox News Host Todd Starnes, writes features for Whoa Magazine for Women, a parenting column for Leading Hearts Magazine, does interviews and movie reviews for Christiancinema.com, has been published on FOXNews.com, and has written for Focus on the Family and Product Concept. Just 18 Summers, her seventh book (co-authored with Rene Gutteridge), will release on April 1. The Just 18 Summers brand will feature books, films, music, a parenting blog (with a staff of 18 writers) and other products. Michelle teaches at numerous conferences and has been a guest on shows like Hannity, The Harvest Show, and Focus on the Family. She’s been married to her favorite (and only) husband, Paul, for almost 40 years. They have three grown sons and five perfect grandchildren—with a sixth on the way. Learn more at www.just18summers.com.


WHEN:                 Michelle is available for interviews in April and May 2014 (and potentially beyond).

To schedule an interview, contact Christy Stroud 
at christystroud@tyndale.com or 630.784.5389.