How to Stay Christian in High School
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Cover: How to Stay Christian in High School
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January 2015 

We know full well the pressures and stress that high school students experience today. As if it weren’t hard enough to try to pass A.P. English, make the varsity football team, and stay out of trouble, students are constantly hearing about how they need to be a “good Christian.” It’s not easy. Being a Christian might be tough, but it’s worth it. Now updated for the next generation of teenagers going through high school, this bestselling resource teaches teens how to handle the temptations and pressures they face every day. Through reading about teenagers in the Bible who also faced huge issues in their lives, teens will be encouraged to make a difference in their world today. How to Stay Christian in High School will help teen readers grapple with their faith and make it real for whatever circumstance they face.
Instead of telling students what to do, Steve engages their hearts and minds in a manner that will lead to transformation and hope. I wish I had this type of spiritual encouragement when I was a younger believer in high school.
Robin Dugall, adjunct professor, Department of Biblical Studies, Azusa Pacific University