Does God Exist?
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Cover: Does God Exist?
DVD Video 
May 2010 

In this first DVD set of the TrueU series, Dr. Stephen Meyer plays a “philosophical survival game,” pitting four worldviews against one another in the quest to decide which one gives the best answers. Dr. Meyer examines the evidence and provides the tools needed for students to defend their faith and make it their own. This is the perfect resource for students preparing to enter college and a culture that may be hostile to their faith. Additional discussion guides can be purchased separately, either in singles (978-1-58997-115-8) or in a 10-pack (978-1-58997-116-5).
In twenty-one years of working with youth and college ministries, rarely have I been as impressed as with Focus on the Family’s new series, TrueU. These DVDs, along with a comprehensive manual, are vital resources that are extremely well done. predict that they will become standard resources in many churches’ student ministries programs and in the homes of many Christian families. Every volume is filled with facts, stimulating data, and practical application, and all are firmly based on Scripture. I appreciate the topic selections, the production value, and the credible voices heard on the videos (including Stephen Meyer, Ph.D., who is one of our own adjunct faculty here at Southern Evangelical Seminary). Like all of the resources I have seen produced by Focus on the Family, these are faithful to Scripture and helpful to viewers, and they effectively point people to Jesus Christ. I highly recommend the entire TrueU series.
Dr. Alex McFarland; President, Southern Evangelical Seminary

TrueU meets a tremendous need within the body of Christ for a first-class, relevant, and well-researched apologetics curriculum for upper high school and college students. Stephen Meyer is an engaging communicator who will help prepare your students for the intellectual challenges Christian students face in college.
Sean McDowell, teacher, speaker, and author

Too many students are entering college with faith in God but leaving with that faith seriously damaged, often destroyed. TrueU deals with this issue head-on and provides the certainty that kids need to not only survive but flourish on the university campus.
Chuck Klein; Director, Campus Alliance

TrueU’s Does God Exist? is an excellent tool for youth pastors and leaders who are striving to equip students for the philosophical onslaught they face in their schools. Dr. Stephen Meyer presents a compelling case for the reasonableness of our Christian faith while making very complex topics understandable. I highly recommend it for college students, college-bound high school seniors, and their parents.
Bob Long; Director of Student Ministries, Converge Worldwide Converge MidAmerica

In an era when deep Biblical teaching seems to be lacking, TrueU is proving to be an excellent resource to provide high school students with a depth that they not only need, but are hungry for. Our ministries would do well to equip teenagers with such a firm foundation for their faith as is provided in the TrueU video series.
Kevin White; Director of 24-7 Ministries, the youth ministry of Awana

If you are familiar with The Truth Project, you will love TrueU, which is targeted at high school students who are preparing to enter universities and at students already in those schools. This series of 25-minute lessons will equip students as they confront a collegiate environment and professors who will seek to demean and destroy their Christian faith. TrueU will help Christian youth workers and parents to build into their students’ hearts and minds so those students will have a confident faith and be able to stand firm and share their faith at this crucial time in their lives. I believe this tool can make a significant difference for our students.
Paul Fleischmann; President, National Network of Youth Ministries

TrueU’s Does God Exist? content is very well done with great production value. It fills a void and makes me want to watch the rest of the series titles. Our oldest daughter’s fiancé is getting his clinical doctorate and has experienced a great deal of opposition throughout his education because of his faith (illustrating the reality of the academic world elitists towards Christianity).
Joel Pilcher; Vice President of Communications, Open Doors USA

Here’s an excellent, timely, and compelling resource that will bolster the faith of students and prepare them to defend their beliefs against challenges that may arise in school and beyond. I highly recommend this first-rate program!
Lee Strobel, author

I’ve spent over 17 years working with students. One of the toughest challenges was finding good curriculum. Most of the stuff out there is either too lame and cheesy or too shallow—nothing you could use with students without reservation. True U has finally solved the problem. Their DVD curriculum is deep, equipping students with a sophisticated but accessible defense of the faith. But it’s also pretty cool, produced in a way that won’t have you thinking, “there’s another tacky Christian product.” Seriously, this video curriculum needs to be shown in Christian homes, youth groups and schools across the nation, if we’re going to adequately train up a new generation of Christ followers.
Brett Kunkle; Student Impact Director, Stand to Reason