Healing Depression for Life Workbook
Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D. - view author info
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Cover: Healing Depression for Life Workbook
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6 x 9  
August 2019 

Join Dr. Gregory Jantz on a 12-week journey to lasting hope—and relief—from the battle and despair of depression.
When medication and therapy just don’t solve the depression plaguing you or your loved one, you can now find hope toward healing with a proven approach from a leader in depression therapy. Based on Dr. Jantz’s groundbreaking book, Healing Depression for Life, this interactive workbook will equip readers with the tools they need to find a holistic approach to treatment. Week by week, you’ll examine the chemical, emotional, physical, and spiritual causes of depression, and work to create a personalized plan based on your individual medical history.

Discover a new way forward—and finally find relief when hope is nearly lost.