Brave Enough
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August 2015 

Find the courage to be who you are—not who you wish you were.
Is fear holding you back from becoming your best self? Does it add stress to your day and keep you up at night? What could be different if you let go and started living brave today?

Bravery doesn’t have to mean cliff diving out of your comfort zone. Life is about being brave enough—for yourself, for God, for your tasks, and for your calling—right where He’s placed you. A brave-enough life is one lived fully and confidently, with your shoulders relaxed and free from the weight of responsibility and the burden of trying too hard.

Nicole Unice, author of She’s Got Issues, wants that life to become a reality for you. She challenges you to get real about where you are right now—the places where you feel too scared to change, too tired to endure, or too worried to let go. Through personal stories and practical application, Nicole will lead you on a journey to harness all of your misspent doubts, concerns, and fears—and discover what God is saying about who you can be. Don’t miss the companion Brave Enough DVD Group Experience (UPC 031809201381)!
Unice shows readers her inner leper in Brave Enough. Her sharp writing and excellent descriptions of God’s love in our human condition are heartwarming and reveal her own true nature, offering readers a chance to understand bravery as facing our undeniable human foibles in a way that offers resolution as well as grace.

“He offers himself with no condition, and we are safe in his embrace,” Unice writes. “He sees your potential. Forgiveness is at the heart of the Gospel.”

This title is a call to action, meaty with understandable biblical instruction and the redemption only achievable through God. “Flourish into your full self,” Unice writes.

Brave Enough will be sold with an accompanying DVD designed to approach the reader on multiple levels and is perfect for group study.
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Blogger, counselor, and ministry leader Unice (She’s Got Issues) addresses unsung heroes and everyday bravery in her new book. Writing directly to female readers, Unice encourages women to be “brave enough” to handle life’s big and small challenges. Two chapters deal specifically with grace. “Brave enough women take grace seriously,” she writes, to have grace, one must “approach conflict with love and gentleness.” Unice also discusses the importance of courage in tackling life’s difficulties. She believes that “facing our limits—our own ‘enough’—often means facing our greatest fears.” In all cases, Unice supports her advice with real-life stories and a generous amount of scripture verses. Each chapter ends with a “Brave Enough Pause,” consisting of “Our Daily Brave,” a challenge to the reader to apply the teachings in the chapter to everyday life, and “Pray,” a prayer to end the chapter in conversation with God. Women dealing with situational anxiety or everyday fears will find encouragement and validation in this book. Those who have deeper fears or challenges may be in need of more stringent words of advice.
Publishers Weekly

Every woman I know needs more courage—to make the hard choices that lead to the best decisions. In Brave Enough, Nicole invites us to a deeper understanding of Jesus-courage that empowers and transforms our lives. You need this book!
Christine Caine, Founder of Propel Women and A21 Campaign

A lack of courage holds us back from doing those things—uncomfortable, risky, costly things—that God is calling us to. Nicole Unice reminds us that the One who calls is also the Source of the courage we need. A timely, welcome message at a time when we have Kingdom work to do!
Carolyn Custis James, Author of The Gospel of Ruth, Half the Church, and Malestrom

Brave Enough is an eye-opening, soul-embracing, spirit-filled book with wisdom on living in the freedom God has called us all to. Nicole challenges women to truly engage their hurts and hang-ups with insight into the daily journey that God wants with us. Through her practical engagement, you will be given invaluable tools to truly get your brave on each and every day. She reminds us that as women, at our core, we are all brave enough!
Ebony Halliburton, Lead associate director for women, DC Metro Church

Brave Enough is one of those books that stays with you. As I read, I felt as if Nicole was writing directly to me, opening my broken areas and pouring the truth of God’s love and power back into those very spaces. Her words are gracious, understanding, challenging, and life-giving, and you will find more freedom and more courage by the time you reach the last page.
Laura C. Robb, Writer, blogger, seeker of joy and everyday courage

Brave Enough offers wise, practical teaching for anyone who wants to uncover truth from God’s Word. Nicole Unice has lived and learned what it means to be brave enough in the midst of a busy life as a counselor, ministry leader, and mom. She is an articulate Bible teacher who has the unique ability to make scriptural principles understandable. Her stories, examples, and advice will inspire you to apply godly insight in your own circumstances. If you are brave enough to open the pages of this book, I believe it will change your life.
Mary Ann Ruff, Womens ministry director, Hope Church

Nicole Unice is one of those souls who becomes an instant friend the moment you meet her. Kind, smart, funny . . . all around likable. She has you belly laughing one moment and in deep, soul-searching conversation the next. Nicole’s new book, Brave Enough, is Nicole doing what she does best—encouraging, challenging, and motivating us to live boldly and freely the life God has for us.
Jenni Catron, Church leader and author of Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence

Nicole gives us a kick in the pants (gentle, but still a kick!) to step up our courage and live the lives we’ve been called to live. And then she offers practical steps to take our giftings further and further!
Elisa Morgan, Speaker and author

Nicole’s book helps us see that the life God is calling us to goes far beyond what feels safe. She reveals that what God calls us to do requires bravery. The good news, however, is that Jesus requires us only to be brave enough: brave enough to take that step of faith into the unknown, the messy, the scary, the downright ugliness of loving hurting people, the place where we risk failure, and the place that requires vulnerability. Nicole then shows how he comes to meet us there and gives us what we need to live out what he has for us.
Sara Pomeroy, Founder and CEO, Richmond Justice Initiative

Life—in all its joy, pain, and complexity—is not for the fainthearted. Raw and real, Nicole shares stories, wisdom, and practical tools that empower us to live in freedom and hold tightly to courage for the days ahead.
Jo Saxton, co-pastor of Mission Point Church, chair of 3DMovements board, speaker, author

In Brave Enough, Nicole gives us permission to be courageous. She challenges us to be confident and dares us to step into the purpose, passion, and potential that God designed us to embrace. It all begins with a daily, authentic encounter with Jesus. With real-life wisdom and authenticity, she invites us into a new adventure of being, living, and exploring the grace and growth of life in Christ.
Heather Zempel, Discipleship pastor at National Community Church in Washington, DC; speaker and author

Brave Enough is a call to abandon ourselves—our fears, flaws, and failures—for a called-out life, a life that stands the tests of time and pressures of the crowd. As followers of Christ, we are called out to live bold and free. Christ’s grace makes us brave enough. Nicole offers this gift to the church with a challenge to live graciously and courageously. I also love the prayer prompts, journaling, and exercises available throughout the book, as I have found these foundational disciplines instrumental for mentoring and discipleship.
Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

As a pastor, husband, and father of a grown daughter, I found that Brave Enough speaks to the heart of the real stuff. Life’s hard experiences require us to be brave, but some of the more ordinary things require us to be brave too. And while this book is beneficial not just for women, it uniquely speaks to them and offers freedom from many of the fears that put chains on life. It gives them permission to not be Christian superwomen or the people that “the voices” say they should be. Instead, Brave Enough offers each reader the freedom to be the person God has made her to be. The insights and encouragements in this book are needed, and they offer us help for living in a culture filled with insecurity by comparison.
David Dwight, Senior pastor, Hope Church