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May 2013 

We’ve all gone through times in our lives when we feel like we need a fresh breeze to breathe new life into us. But what is that energy-giving, life-breathing force that inspires and empowers us? How do we put the wind in our sails again, so we can get unstuck, reset our compass, and redirect our course?

In Fresh Air, New York Times bestselling author Chris Hodges reveals how breath—the breath of God—is the essence of life as it’s meant to be. Fueled by the breath of God, we are not only refreshed in spirit ourselves; we have the power to create a life-giving environment of freedom and joyful purpose around us.

Bold and encouraging, Fresh Air offers “breathing lessons” for those who long for a cool breeze to resuscitate their spirit, bring them closer to God, and make them enthusiastic, contagious life-breathers to those around them.
Inspiring and practical, Fresh Air is a must-read for anyone who wants more out of life. Best of all, the insightful and power-filled principles in this book are ones that anyone can apply.
Mark Batterson, Lead pastor, National Community Church, Washington, DC; NYT bestselling author

I love this book! Fresh Air will help you escape the mundane treadmill of living by empty rules and striving for empty success. With authenticity and clarity, Chris points us to the person who makes life fun again: Jesus.
Judah Smith, Lead pastor, The City Church

So often we find ourselves in what Chris refers to as the doldrums—a spiritual state where we feel lifeless, bored, and without hope amidst the routine of life. . . . Fresh Air unpacks what it looks like to have a new life full of vision, purpose, passion, and hope.
Christine Caine, Founder of The A21 Campaign

This book will change your thinking and help you revive every area of your life. Live the life God intended for you; don’t settle for anything less!
Dino Rizzo, Lead pastor, Healing Place Church; author of Servolution

Inspiring and practical, Fresh Air is a must-read for anyone who wants more out of life. Best of all, the insightful and power-filled principles in this book are ones that anyone can apply.
Mark Batterson, Lead pastor, National Community Church, Washington, DC; NYT bestselling author

Chris Hodges is being used by God in our generation to bring new insights and leadership to the church. Discover the powerful secrets of a God-breathed life and enjoy the fresh air of God’s blessing.
Steven Furtick, Lead pastor, Elevation Church; author, Sun Stand Still

With amazing candidness, Pastor Chris unveils the secret of an inner life that is full, thrilling, and invigorating. He balances the Spirit-led life with the divine order of the Spirit to produce a life-giving lifestyle. I have known Chris for over thirty years and know of no more humble, yielded, pure vessel. He truly is a breath of fresh air.
Larry Stockstill, Pastor, Bethany World Prayer Center

A brilliant must-read! If you’ve ever experienced staleness in your life or simply desire a richer, fuller life in God, you will be encouraged by the message in these pages. Fresh Air will bring newness in your walk with God and revival to your soul.
Stovall Weems, Lead pastor, Celebration Church, Jacksonville, FL

Your life was not designed to be stale, dry, or empty. Rather, God wants you to live for his purpose, which is always fulfilling. In Fresh Air, Chris Hodges gives you the keys that show how you must depend on God every day. Dive into these pages and discover how to live a large and purpose-filled life. You’ll never be the same!
Joe Champion, Pastor, Celebration Church, Georgetown, TX

If anyone can honestly tell you what it means to live a vibrant life with God, Chris can. He is one of America’s best teachers of God’s Word. There is a critical need for the message in this book because many Christians have grown cold and stale. No matter where you are in your walk with God, you can use some fresh air. Pick up this book and get ready to breathe again.
Rick Bezet, Lead Pastor, New Life Church of Arkansas

We all know what it is like to feel stuck, when it seems like we are going nowhere fast. In times like that, the breath of God makes all the difference. Fresh Air reminds us that if we seek God, he will never fail to change us from the inside-out.
Greg Surratt, Lead pastor, Seacoast Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC; author, Ir-Rev-Rend

Too many people feel stuck in life. It’s a common problem with a solution few consider: the Holy Spirit. In Fresh Air, Chris shows how to live a life empowered by the Spirit—and he does it without ever being weird! I am so encouraged whenever I spend time with Chris. As you read this book, I know you’ll feel the same way.
Robert Morris, Senior pastor, Gateway Church, Southlake, TX; bestselling author

The heart of the Father resonates throughout the pages of Fresh Air, and the insights will become divine and meaningful treasures in your heart. Your own witness will then become a breath of fresh life to others.
James Robison, Founder and president, LIFE Outreach International

Fresh Air is an uplifting book that will bring a renewed sense of purpose into your life. Chris Hodges shows why peace and fulfillment come from a strong connection to Jesus Christ on the inside. He will teach you how to breathe new life into your attitudes, your relationships, your finances, and the way you see yourself.
Matthew Barnett, Cofounder, The Dream Center; senior pastor, Angelus Temple; author, The Cause within You

Chris’s heart to see individuals flourish in their spiritual journey is a “breath of fresh air,” and I believe that as you read this book, you will receive life-giving words of encouragement and an awakened sense of calling and purpose. Allow the Holy Spirit to refresh and inspire you as you begin to understand what it means to live a God-breathed life.
Brian Houston, Senior pastor, Hillsong Church