High-Performance Ethics
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October 2011 

Do you have to lower your ethical standards in order to succeed at your job? High-Performance Ethics authors Wes Cantrell and James Lucas say that the answer is no. The authors outline ways to make ethical decisions (based on the Ten Commandments) that lead to highly successful business practices. High-Performance Ethics includes tips on how to lead a team with integrity, practical tools for resisting the pressure to compromise workplace standards, and encouragement for workers who want to see strong businesses—and strong values—thrive.
10 Principles:
  1. First Things Only (priorities)
  2. Ditch the Distractions
  3. Align with Reality (never claim support for a bad cause)
  4. Find Symmetry
  5. Respect the Wise
  6. Protecct the Souls
  7. Commit to the Relationships
  8. Spread the Wealth
  9. Speak the Truth
  10. Limit Your Desires
This is a truly wise, remarkable book! Comprehensive in scope, beautifully written, compellingly illustrated, Cantrell and Lucas illuminate the mind, heart, and soul of high-performing leadership. Wondering whether it’s worth buying and reading and applying? Just study the inspiring chapter outline and listen to your conscience for the answer.
Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

High-Performance Ethics is a rare commodity, a book with a truly unique and provocative message that can actually make a difference in the way we act and the results we get today. It is a very personal case study encased in outstanding teaching. Its message is as important as any you will hear now or in the years to come.
Steve Forbes, President and CEO, Forbes, Inc.; Editor-in-chief, Forbes magazine

In an ever-changing society and business landscape, we need something solid and real to hang on to. Something that tells us how to do right, something that tells us how to do well. You will do well to take the message you’ve received in High-Performance Ethics and apply it to your life and career.
Zig Ziglar, Author and motivational teacher

High-Performance Ethics is a must-read book authored by two people who have lived these principles in the rough-and-tumble world of corporate America. Wes Cantrell and Jim Lucas have done a masterful job of clearly and practically communicating what it means to be a person of integrity in the marketplace. Read it and you won’t be the same.
Howard Dayton, CEO, Compass-Finances God's Way

High-Performance Ethics is a welcome ally in the struggle to restore respect for the dignity and morality of business.?Instead of viewing ethics as an obstacle to success, High-Performance Ethics reveals the seamless integration between the two. Every business professional can benefit from this volume’s performance-enhancing prescriptions.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President of Toward Tradition and the Ethical Capitalism Institute